Item #23212 Circa 1900 - 1905 Collection Manuscript Real Estate Development Documents, Maps, Letters Concerning Transactions and Development in the Bronx, Westchester and Other New York City Properties, Via The Business of R.I. Brown's Sons. Americana - 20th Century - Real Estate Development - Bronx - New York City.

Circa 1900 - 1905 Collection Manuscript Real Estate Development Documents, Maps, Letters Concerning Transactions and Development in the Bronx, Westchester and Other New York City Properties, Via The Business of R.I. Brown's Sons

New York: Various, 1900. F. The R.I. Brown's Sons real estate firm was established in 1867 in NY and was located at 3428 Third Avenue; approx. 100 items of paper documenting the transactions of this real estate company; for example: a blueprint Map of the Arden Property Westchester NY, approx. 9 1/4" x 14", with an inset route map to the property, indicating plots sold off ; this development was located near Pelham Bay View Park, (with) a related 4-page document typed, giving the New York Property Belonging to Allan G. MacDonnell, 63 Wall Street NY, including the addresses and prices of extensive holdings in the Bronx, lots and developed properties and which also included interest in 900 acres of land located on both sides of Central Avenue between Yonkers & Mount Vernon with the Jerome Travis estate, John Bush, James Gordon Bennet and others; MacDonnell also had properties in Brooklyn, a hotel and grounds located at Coxsackie NY and acreage on Long Island in Holbrook and Riverhead - with the business card attached of Peter J. Quinn Real Estate and Insurance Bloomfield, NJ having a pencil note at top which states 'Westchester - Arden' - (with) a typed sheet from F.E. Pollard, Att'y concerning some of the plots being developed, "...millions soon to be expended on water front..." (the note was typed on Lenox bond paper, evidently a re-use - the back with the small letterhead of The Cuban Exposition and Trading Co. NY; this group also with a plot plan blueprint of the area of 184th St., indicating Aqueduct, Grand, Davidson, Jerome Avenues, trolley, sewer, gas & water services and the locations and measurements of various parcels, approx. 8 7/8" x 12 1/2" size; and a group of correspondence concerning the properties of Sol Moses of NYC, including a typed descriptive list, including building details and amenities, sizes, addresses, plot plans, several handwritten notes from Moses, asking the Brown firm to sell the holdings "…In view of the larger increases in the population of the Bronx and the consequent improvement of rentals and the work now being done by the Dept. of P.W….there ought to be a good demand for both improved and unimproved property…"; a 5-piece group of notes, lists, descriptions, agreements to sell properties of Julia E. Curran, "…I hope you will be able to get us a buyer…" for various lots, "…anxious to sell and will sell cheap providing we can sell at once…"; also three filled-in "Description of Property for Sale' forms of R.I. Brown's Sons which are used to clearly describe various properties for sale of August E. Kuntz, noting location, block, frame or brick, stories, families of occupancy, heat, price, mortgage obligations outstanding, improvements, "all the best"; a 9-item group of correspondence conducted on plain postal cards and company stationery of J.E. Butterworth Carpenter and Builder 1901 - 1904, "…you and your client go and look at the houses and then make me an offer, I have 2 one family houses on Wash. Ave. near 181 St...papered and in good condition…"; a 16-item grouping concerning properties of Wm. Rosenzweig, mostly handwritten letters, "…I want to sell for Cash only 660 - 663 East 148th St. and in order to dispose of same at once I will sell at a very low figure. No reasonable offer refused. Try and get me an offer within the next few days if you want to make a good brokerage…" - with some interesting ephemera used as scrap for notes from this customer - a small menu, perhaps for a Order of Red Men fraternal society dinner, with the names of contributors of various dishes and an illustrated ticket printed on cardstock for that group, for their "1900 Second Annual Midsummer Night's Festival for the United Tribes of the Reservation of the Bronx, Music by Professor Hager's Full Orchestral Union Band to be held at Brommer's Union Park Willis Ave. and 133d St. (The Committee reserves the right to Eject any Disorderly Persons)"; the R.I. Brown company 'filed' its correspondence with these and other clients in small mailing envelopes, giving name and address, disposition, other notations; other owners and business associates include Victoria P. McVeany of Bensonhurst, C.V. Halley, Chas. Peiser of Kingston, NY, R.R. Randall, Lyons & Chabot, Lorenz F.J. Weiher Architect (with hand-drawn depiction of location of property on his letter), Squire Brothers, Innes & Center brokers, Alexander Johnston, Lyon Brothers and more; some wear and soiling, old fold lines, a couple of the items browned and brittle; mostly in good to very good condition and an interesting glimpse of this New York City real estate brokerage's daily business over a several year span, evidencing a very lively market for property sale and exchange at the beginning of the 20th century. Item #23212

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