Circa 1850 - 1970 Crawford - Dinwiddie Family Photographic History & Genealogy Collection: Jordan Valley, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; McDermitt, on the Oregon-Nevada Border; Carthage, Missouri.
(Americana - 19th & Early 20th Century - Photography - History - Genealogy)

United States of America: Not Published, 1850. F Mostly photographic materials revolving around the late 19th century and early 20th century life of former IRS Special Agent Graydon Clemens Crawford and his wife, Doris Dinwiddie Crawford. Graydon Crawford (d. 1968) had a long and varied career. He saw service in WWI, and in private & public capacities; his beginnings were in finance and banking and he retired as Chief of the Intelligence Division of the Internal Revenue in South Texas and in Shreveport, Louisiana, working on many "hot oil" cases in Texas and political scandals in Louisiana. His wife Doris Dinwiddie Crawford was of the Dinwiddie - King family, who were early pioneering settlers, prominent ranchers and landholders in eastern Oregon. This collection is distinguished by the efforts of descendants to identify, correct dates & locales and consolidate family records via the available imagery, usually by notations on the reverse of many of the mounted photographs, views, portraits and other photos. Locations recorded photographically include Carthage and Greenfield, Missouri; Boise, Idaho; Jordan Valley & other Oregon locales and the mining and ranching town of McDermitt, on the border of Nevada and Oregon. The Crawfords & Dinwiddies were associated with the Rhodenbaugh, La Force, Sheffield, Swanson & Gray families, through the evidence here. Collection includes: McDermitt, Nevada. C. 1920 (40+) avg. 3 ½" x 5" size snapshots of the town, a few real photo pc surroundings (which were very bleak at this time), the young Crawford family, Graydon Crawford's bank of which he was manager, with interior & exteriors; these photos are identified. Jordan Valley, Payette Lakes & other locales in Oregon. C. 1908 - 1920s (45+) avg. 3 ½" x 5" size snapshots, a few real photo post cards, of the town, surroundings, various farm holdings, scenic views. Photo albums: 1899 with (18) 4" x 4" photographs, mainly of locations in and about Chicago, with a few interior views, family. Nearly all are identified, glued in to album pages; all faded, fair only. C. 1890 - 1910 (120 +) photos, varying sizes & formats, averaging 3" x 5", with a few smaller & larger. Nearly entirely photographs of relations, forebears, descendants of the Crawford, Gray, La Force families. Many identified and some captions faded away. Good condition. C. 1918 (50+) photos, 2" x 3"; 3" x 4 ½" format mostly, with a few smaller & larger; mainly of young adults, taken in Boise Idaho; most identified; mostly friends of Doris Dinwiddie along with a few of a school sporting event and a few candid humorous. Some corner mounted; some tipped-on the album pages. Good condition. Large format & other mounted photos, average image size about 5" x 7" to 7" x 9"; mount sizes larger, varying by studio: Including images of homes and personages from J.C. Crawford house in a large, open field near Carthage; another Crawford home on Fulton St.; the class of young women & men students at Miss Brook's School Carthage & Aunt Ida's home in 1907, Greenfield, Missouri; home at 700 Ft. Street Boise, Idaho; an unidentified patriotically-decorated home front or hotel; Minnehaha (Laughing Waters) falls; a mounted and framed photograph of 28 men in a bank interior, circa 1890; horse & buggy, similar vintage; St. Teresa's Academy 1911 classroom interior with young women students, teacher; a street scene view of Jordan Valley, Oregon 1915; and a 8" x 10" c. 1950 Graydon Crawford & staff in IRS office. Group of 11 cabinet card-size photographs of identified family from studios in Carthage & Greenfield, Mo.; Butte City, Montana; Boise, Idaho; Chicago. A group of 11 smaller format, average 3" x 3" or larger size photos, separately mounted, of people and places in Carthage, & Greenfield Mo; one of the images is noted as the "Old La Force home at time of Civil War. He was shot down and badly wounded by guerrillas North east of Carthage 3 miles…"; another of four young men seated in the "Recorders office Carthage, Mo."; and a view of a small, new-looking street front of a bank, our research indicates McDermott, Nevada. In addition, there is a group of about 20 varying-size mounted photographs of family members in various locations, over the generations; most are identified. Also: A 3 ½" x 11" panoramic view, identified on the reverse as the "W.S. Skinner ranch home built on 1915 Goose Ranch Close family ranch near King Dinwiddie for those who traveled by wagon it was a necessity to spend a day or 2 because of slow travel for distance. Nevada. Young girl from Scotland arrived to teach children on one floor where she had her room. She was scared & said she was sick and tired to go home - ended up marrying one of the boys who was as big as she was - if younger - only by year or two." And: 1931 panoramic view 3 ¾" x 12" "…picture of the ranch owned by Grandpa Joseph M. Dinwiddie. The picture was taken from a high butte or hill and shows the main house and building, the ranch consisting of 680 acres of irrigated land extends to the hills…one of the final ranches settled in Jordan Valley…" A modern file folder labeled 'Swanson & Crawford' with about (90) snapshots & portrait photos of family members, with a few of McDermitt & Oregon mixed in. A miscellaneous loose group of about (50) family snaps and photos, various sizes, most identified. Two unidentified portrait tintypes in frames, no cases; frames and photos with damage, deterioration; fair to good condition. Miscellaneous: New Testament, Cambridge & NY James Pott & Co., circa 1890s. With a presentation inscription noting that it was given to Graydon Clemson Crawford, 1895 on the occasion of his second birthday. Laid-in is a handwritten receipt dated April 1 1865, Athens O. for Miss Eliza Sheffield for 30 dollars for the American Bible Society, signed by J. T. W. Van Saw, depository. With franked 2 cent tax revenue stamp; also, with a few family snapshots, all laid-in to a small generic box. 1915 Phi Delta Theta Fraternity chapter initiation document for Graydon C. Crawford, at the University of Idaho; signed by the president John L. Phillips and others on the executive committee of the group. 1911 Three-page typed essay "I had a Dream" by Dorris Dinwiddi Class '11 (sic) on St. Teresa's Academy Boise, Idaho letterhead, each page with a printed photo of the school. 1918 Printed form, typed and signed by the Director, for Doris C. Dinwiddie of Idaho appointed as a clerk in the Council of National Defense. A LaSalle Extension University membership card, Chicago 1927 for G.C. Crawford, in Railway Station Management. "Genealogical Records of the Dinwiddie Clan of Northwestern Indiana, Keith Dinwiddie Memorial Edition compiled by Ruby Dinwiddie Lawson 2nd Revised Edition", which "…includes all Statistical Data included in the 1st Revised Edition…as compiled by Keith Dinwiddie, and printed in 1952 together with records from 1952 -1972" 110 + 15 pages of a 3-column diary regarding a "…Cross Country Trip: Hebron to Oregon in Year 1853". 8 ½" x 11" size; plain paper in a side-clip binder. 1902 Dinwiddie Clan Records Published by Rev. T.H. Ball Expanded and Reprinted, 1972 by Freeman E. Morgan, Jr. Pages photocopies onto 9" x 14" paper; 31 + 20 pages. A modern file folder labeled 'Jordan Valley' with about 20 pieces of material ephemera, including the 1869 marriage certificate of John C. Crawford & Eliza Sheffield; the 1919 color chromolithograph-illustrated marriage book-certificate of Graydon C. Crawford & Doric C. Dinwiddie at the First M.E. Church Boise Idaho, with signed guest list; a 1926 Official Certificate of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for Doris Crawford; a 1926 32-page booklet published by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Valley of Boise Orient of Idaho on the occasion of the Thirty-Eighth Reunion; and various genealogy & family related clippings & notes. A 9" x 14 ½" plain manila file folder with about (50) pages; copies or originals of legal documents, DAR membership for a later member of the family, handwritten lists, family notes, letters & communications, photocopies of relevant articles; all genealogy-study materials for these families, stretching over a period of a hundred years. 1960 United States Treasury Department Albert Gallatin Award certificate to Graydon C. Crawford signed by Robert B. Anderson. Condition: Some photos with wear and corner chipping, rubbing, especially those found loose. Generally, everything in good to very good condition and an interesting genealogical compilation. Good (Item ID: 26400)


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