Dictionary of American Biography, Including Men of the Time...(with) Signed Letter from the Author Regarding the Revolutionary War 26th Regiment (and) Both Volumes Profusely Extra-Illustrated with Portraits and Related Ephemera.
Drake, Francis S.

Boston, Massachusetts: James R. Osgood and Company, 1872. F [26338] Drake, Francis S. Dictionary of American Biography, Including Men of the Time...(with) Signed Letter from the Author Regarding the Revolutionary War 26th Regiment (and) Both Volumes Profusely Extra-Illustrated with Portraits and Related Ephemera. Boston, Massachusetts: James R. Osgood and Company, 1872. First Edition. xv + 1019 pages; Bound in two volumes, the entries printed double-column and providing biographical details of each subject. Bound-in prior to the Preface in Vol. I is a handwritten June 2 1881 letter, signed by the author Francis S. Drake - addressed: "Dear Mr. Carey The old army establishment of which the 26th regiment formed a part ended with the year 1776 Congress having near the close of that year provided for a new establishment of 88 regiments of which 17 were raised in Massachusetts. Some of the old troops survived a short time after the beginning of '77 among them (Col.) Baldwin's at the urgent solicitation of Washington until the new regiments could be raised. Major James Wesson of Baldwin's raised a regiment perhaps from the nucleus of the old - which was numbered the 9th in the Mass. Continental line of which he was Colonel during the war and which may therefore in some sense be regarded as the successor of the old 26th. Truly Yours Francis S. Drake" The letter written on the (blank) reverse of an F.S. Drake, Bookseller and Stationer letterhead, which acts as a broadside-advertising catalog listing of titles being offered by his book business. Old fold lines, couple pencil marks; in very good condition. The 180 + portrait illustrations, which are mostly engravings, are listed below; when details are known regarding the artist, they are included; these are tabulated below in the order as they appear in the volumes. Several of the individuals have more than one example; this is noted. We have also listed the ephemeral items as they appear. Extra illustrations & ephemera include, Volume I: George Washington portrait as frontispiece. Declaration of Independence. I.W. Baumann engraving after Trumbull. (Unknown). Small portrait engraving. John Quincy Adams. Sold by Edwd. P. Whaites & 2 more, one after the portrait painting of A.B. Durand. Samuel Adams. From the original by Chappel; and another, from Drake's History of Boston. William Allen, D.D. President of Bowdoin College. Sartain after Badger. Washington Allston. Halpin from a bust by Brackett. (Unknown). Small portrait engraving. Hosea Ballou, 2d, D.D. From a model of a bust by W.W. Story. An advertisement-sheet from the publisher of his life story. Hon George Bancroft (historian) Perine from a photograph by Fredricks. Albert Barnes. John Barry, first commodore in the U.S. Navy. From the original painting by Chappel; & another, engraved by Longacre after Stuart. The Right Rev. Edward Bass, D.D., first Bishop of Massachusetts. Eng. By Buttre. Henry Ward Beecher. Ormsby after the daguerreotype of Beckers & Piard & another, engraved by J. Buttre. Thomas Hart Benton. Engraved by J. C. Buttre & another engraving of him by Rogers. Jean Baptiste Lemoine Bienville, Gov. of Louisiana. Daniel Boone. Simon Bradstreet. H.W. Smith after the painting in the Mass. State House. Maria Brooks (Maria del Occidente). By J. Rogers. William Cullen Bryant. Parker after Inman. James Buchanan. Dick after Eichholtz; also, J.C. Buttre after a daguerreotype by Brady. William Burnet. Maj. Gen. W.O. Butler. By T.B. Welch. J.C. Calhoun. By Rice & Buttre. Alice Carey. By J. Rogers. Phoebe Cary. Jacques Cartier. Eng. by Neil after the original painting by Hamel at St. Malo. Lewis Cass. Samuel de Champlain. O'Neill from the Hamel painting of the Moncornet portrait. E.H. Chapin. By J.C. Buttre. Charles Chauncy. By H.W. Smith. Col. Benjamin Church. William C.C. Claiborne. Longacre from a miniature by A. Duval. H. Clay. J.C. Buttre from a daguerreotype. Rev. Thomas Coke, L.L.D. first Bishop of the M.E. Church in North America. J. Fenimore Cooper. J.C. Buttre from a daguerreotype by Brady. John Cotton. By H.W. Smith. (Ephemera): Two page "Extract from an address by D.G. Elliot…" regarding Elliott Coues. David Crockett. T.B. Welch after Osgood. George Mifflin Dallas. Eng. By P.H. Reason. Jefferson Davis. Eng. By G.E. Perine &Co. And another of Davis. Fernando de Soto. Frederick Douglass. J.C. Buttre after a Brady photograph. Lorenzo Dow. Peggy Dow. Joseph Dudley. Rev. Timothy Dwight, S.T.D. LL D. President of Yale. John Endecott. By D.L. Glover. Alexander Hill Everett. By Jordan & Halpin. Edward Everett. By Sartain; also another by Cheney after Staig; another by Parker after Durand; another by J.C. Buttre after a Brady photograph. (Ephemera) Two page tribute to E. Everett by William H. Deane from the NE Historical and Genealogical Register. Rear Admiral David G. Farragut, U.S.N. by J.C. Buttre after a Holmes photograph. Cornelius Conway Felton. By H. Wright Smith. Hon. William Pitt Fessenden. By J.C. Buttre after a daguerreotype. James T. Fields. By H.W. Smith. (Ephemera) "To An Aul' Stane" by Thomas Fisher. 2 pages, from The Token. Millard Fillmore. By J.C. Buttre. Benjamin Franklin. And another, by H. Wright Smith, after Cochin. J.C. Fremont. A.H. Ritchie after a photo by Root. Martin Frobisher. By S.A. Schoff. Albert Gallatin. A.L. Dick from a daguerreotype by Chilton. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Madame Genet (Cornelia Clinton). (Ephemera) Catalog description of a 4-page 1783 letter to Gen. Lincoln "…telling of his distressed financial condition and asking for money "to keep the Devil from my Door" and recounting the rest of the contents. Samuel S. Goodrich. A.H. Ritchie engraving of a medallic presentation to Goodrich. U.S. Grant. J.C. Buttre after a Gutekunst photo. And another, by A. Robin after a Frederick photo; another by J.C. Buttre after a Gutekunst photo, standing ¾ portrait. Horace Greeley. By J.C. Buttre. Col. Christopher Greene of the Rhode Island Brigade. J.C. Buttre. Rufus Wilmot Griswold. Fitz-Greene Hallock. Parker after Inman; and another, Teel after Elliott. Hon. Samuel Hammond of Georgia. J.C. Buttre. John Hancock. William Henry Harrison. Engraved by Dick; and another by J.C. Buttre after Kirk. Esek Hopkins of Rhode Island. J.C. Buttre. Samuel Huntington, LL.D. Governor of Connecticut and President of Congress. J.C. Buttre. Washington Irving. Drawn & engraved by Sartain. Andrew Jackson. Engraved by Phillips after Jarvis; another by H. B. Hall 1860 and another, portrait of the older statesman. Thomas Jefferson. J.C. Buttre after the Stuart painting; another, Kelly after Otis. Andrew Johnson. By A.H. Ritchie. Reverdy Johnson Attorney General of the United States. Eng. By Alfred Jones from a daguerreotype. Sir William Johnson Bart. Major General of the British Forces in North America. Josiah Stoddard Johnston. By Longacre after King. John Paul Jones. Volume II illustrations: Benjamin Franklin portrait as frontispiece; by H.W. Smith. Adoniram Judson. Engraved by J.C. Buttre. Thomas Starr King. Engraved by J.C. Buttre after the Shew photo. Lafayette. Engraved by J.C. Buttre. Abbott Lawrence. Engraved by Andrews & Kelly after Healy. John Leverett. Engraved by Kimberly. Abraham Lincoln. Engraved by Perine & Giles; another engraved by J.C. Buttre after the Brady photo; another, small oval portrait by the Manhattan Engraving Co. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Engraved by H.W. Smith after Johnson. James R. Lowell. Engraved by J. M. Butler's establishing after the photo by Gurney & Fredericks. (Ephemera) "Ode to the Russian Eagle" by George Lunt. 2 pages, from The Token, Autumn of 1828. General John McNiel. Pelton after Willard. Major General Alexander Macomb. Longacre after Sully. Cotton Mather. Increase Mather. Wagstaff & Andrews after Vanveck; and another. (Ephemera) "The Bugle" by Grenville Mellen. 2 pages, from The Token. George Richards Minot. Engraved by Harris. Death of General Montgomery. Engraved by I.W. Baumann after Trumbull. Rt. Rev. Richard Channing, second Bishop of Virginia. Samuel F.B. Morse. Eng. By Ormsby. Anna Cora (Ritchie) Mowatt. Frances Sargent Osgood. Engraved by Rogers. James Otis. George Peabody. Sir William Pepperell. Engraved by J.C. Buttre. James Gates Percival. Engraved by J. M. Butler's after the Flagg painting. Hugh Peters. Phillip alias Metacomet of Pokamoket. Engraved from the original as published by Church. Benjamin Pierce. G.G. Smith after Pratt. Franklin Pierce. C. Hartman after Carpenter. Zebulon M. Pike. Matoaka Rebecka daughter of Prince Powhatan. Edgar A. Poe. Graham after Osgood. James Knox Polk. Rice & Buttre. Edward Preble. Reproduction of back & front of commemorative medal. The Battle of Bunker's Hill. Spiess after Trumbull. Thomas Prince. Edward Rawson. Rebecca Rawson. (Ephemera) "The Bubble" by J.O. Rockwell. 2 pages, from The Token. Rev. John Rogers. Kelley after Smibert. Deborah Sampson. Published by H. Mann 1797. Winfield Scott. From a Brady photograph; and another of a sculptural bust portrait, by Hall from a photograph. Joseph Sewell. Hon. Samuel Sewall, Esq. Pelton after Emmons. Edward Shippen LL D. Wellmore after Stewart. Hon. William Shirley. Lellan after Hudson. (Ephemera) "The Schoolmistress" by Mrs. Sigourney. 2 pages, from The Token. Lydia Sigourney. Parker after Ingham. Captain John Smith. Maj. Gen. Frederick Steuben. H.B. Hall. Joseph Story LL D. Engraved by T. Doney, sculptural bust portrait. William Stoughton. Engraved at J. Andrews's by R. Babson. Harriet Beecher Stowe. By J.C. Buttre. Peter Stuyvesant. Maj. General John Sullivan. Charles Sumner. Engraved by Augustus Robin. Roger Brooke Taney. By W.G. Jackman. Zachary Taylor. By A.H. Ritchie from a spirited daguerreotype. John Treadwell LL D. Daggett, Hinman & Co. Henry T. Tuckerman. By Capewell & Kimmel. Martin van Buren. Engraved by Illman from a Hoppner Meyer drawing of a painting. Sir Henry Vane. By Kimberly. Gen. George Washington and His Family. By Geo. Perine. George Washington. C.J. Bather Jr. after Stuart; and another, smaller portrait; another, J.C. Buttre after Stuart; another, I.W. Baumann; another, an oval portrait dated 1790; another, by H.B. Hall after Stuart. Artemas Ward. S.A. Schoff & T. Kelley. Francis Wayland. Engraved by H. Wright Smith after a photograph; another, by J.C. Buttre after a sculptural bust by Thomas Ball. Daniel Webster. J.C. Buttre after F. D'Avignon; another, portrait as a mature gentleman; another, G.F. Storm after Longacre. Amelia B. Welby. By J. Rogers. Sarah Helen Whitman. By J. Rogers, a sculptural bust portrait. (Ephemera) Laid-in 2 printed bookseller catalog descriptions, for Whittier's History of Haverhill, quoting an advertisement for the book in the Haverhill Gazette of March 27, 1830; and descriptions for the 1894 Pickard Whittier "Life and Letters" and his Whittier as a Politician. (Ephemera) "The Sybil" by N.P. Willis. 2 pages, from The Token. Josiah Winslow. John Winthrop. By Pelton. Caspar Wistar, M.D. Engraved by Longacre from Otis. Oliver Wolcott. J. Andrews from Trumbull. The Death of General Wolfe. Spiess after B. West. Levi Woodbury. Engraved by Dick from a miniature; and another, Storm after Longacre. Francis Woodworth. The volumes approx. 8" x 10 1/2"; teal-green linen cloth boards, dark green leather spine and corners; simple gilt rule decorations, spine titles gilt, top edges gilt, marbled endpapers. Top board of Vol. 1 detached; bottom board of Vol. 2 splitting from spine; edge, tips wear, rubbing to the leather and damp-splotching to the cloth; contents dampstained; some foxing to some of the portraits and text pages, especially in Vol. II; overall, in good condition; especially for this collection of portrait extra-illustration and the additional author letter & ephemera. Good (Item ID: 26338)


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