1937 - 1975 Group of Letters, Ephemera & Printed Art of Feliks Topolski (1907 - 1989) Graphic Artist & Muralist and Stage Designer; Including Topolski Chronicle Art, Postcards of 'Workers Clothing Styles' & A Lithograph Poster of George Bernard Shaw.
(Art - 20th Century - Feliks Topolski)

United Kingdom: Artist Published, F Please see the list below of the inclusions in this group; they were sent to Cipe Pineles (1908 - 1991) award-winning Austrian-American graphic designer, the first woman director for many influential publications including Mademoiselle, Seventeen and Charm and on the Vogue London staff; Pineles had a long friendship with the artist, also a friend of both of her husbands, Bill Golden and William Burtin. Feliks Topolski (1907 - 1989) Polish artist and stage designer, early in his career moved to London: "…An early commission was to draw the first cover of Night and Day, a short-lived periodical through which he gained literary friendships, including that of Graham Greene….His fluent graphic style was from the first equally effective in newspapers, magazines, or books; for example, George Bernard Shaw became a firm admirer, and commissioned him to produce illustrated editions of three of his plays. Shaw described him as 'an astonishing draughtsman; perhaps the greatest of all the impressionists in black and white'. He was also commissioned by Shaw to design stage sets. The war years of 1939-45 consolidated Topolski's British reputation as an exceptionally gifted draughtsman, adept at recording history as it happened. He became an official war artist in 1940 and began by making drawings of the London blitz...worked extensively for magazines in Britain and the United States…internationally celebrated and remained so…In all he produced twenty-two books. …A graphic published parallel (to his many large-scale mural works, several commissioned by British royalty) was Topolski's Chronicle (1953-79 and 1982-9), which reproduced drawings from the artist's extensive travels throughout the world. Nine of his portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery, and a substantial collection of his work (30 paintings and 550 drawings) is in the national museum of Poland in Warsaw. Further examples of his work are in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Gallery, and the Imperial War Museum… Topolski received many awards for his work, about which four television programmes were made…." (please see the ODNB for an expanded biography) Letters, notes, postcards signed: Autograph letter signed, Twyford UK dated 23 August 1937. Handwritten from 3 friends, evidently after a party that all had attended - thanking Cipe Pineles for her well-appreciated attendance. The first lines signed "M.E.," next "J.H. Retzy" and the longest, taking up the full side of the sheet & a few lines, signed Feliks T. "…you appearing again and again as the example of the very best sort…a truly striking success…" Approx. 8" x 10" size, plain medium-weight cream note paper; with the post- canceled envelope, addressed to Miss Cipe Pineles, (c/o) Vogue London. Typed note signed, dated 13th Nov. 1953, on colored paper with Topolski artwork, London address. "Dear Bill Golden, A friend, Miss Lala Karr, fiancée of Mac Kriendler of 21 Club, when here recently told me that some top boss or other of C.B.S. Television is their personal friend. She wrote a few days ago asking me to give her the particulars of my idea…hope that something will come out of this. All the best Yours ever (signed) Feliks Topolski." Approx. 5 ½" x 8 ½" size; light wear; old fold lines; very good condition. Typed postcard signed, 26 May 1958. "(1) Cashin phoned to say she'll phone again but hasn't yet. (2) Johnson most delightful, has been here in the midst of hubbub of printing and will be in touch. Marion sends her love, and me too (signed) Feliks" Approx. 4 ¼" x 6 ¼" size, a black and white illustrated Topolski artwork, "Immigree Styles" handprinted by Poets' and Painters' Press, from his Costumes of Britain in the Mid-XXth Century. Some edge, tips wear, wrinkling of edges; in good condition. Typed letter signed, 27th May, 1959; on colored Topolski's Chronicle illustrated letterhead paper, to William Golden CBS Television. "Dear Bill,…am unexpectedly leaving London tomorrow morning for the continent to rush through subjects for the Chronicle which I have to cover sooner or later, and there is a motoring opportunity…like the idea of pleasing your nice printer, and your thought of using Shaw seems perfect. I agree to "the small money and a lot of beautiful proofs." Yerzy is partly right; by partly, I mean that the picture which is in his hands (but belongs to me) was the original one, but I couldn't possibly have it translated into line reproduction. In consequence I cheated by doing a smallish and rather coarse drawing in a combination of pen and pencil, which was enlarged immensely into a line cut. So the real original is very disappointing - small, mean and not sufficiently fussy for ambitious reproduction…(signed) Feliks" and other personal & professional news. Approx. 9" x 11 ¼" size, old fold lines; light wear; in very good condition. Autograph note signed, written both sides, dated 28 Oct. 1959, on Feliks Topolski colored illustrated notepaper, condolences on the death of Bill Golden. "…It will not comfort you that I feel crushed -…at this outrage. Many people seem to be dying recently - people one knows, but one accepts the news with a sort of front-line soldier's indifference. But this is something else - I suddenly know how much I loved Bill…If you still feel like dropping your work for a while and coming here, we shall find room for you…And we shall love you very much Feliks" Approx. 5 ½" x 9"; old fold lines, light wear; with the canceled mailing envelope; in very good condition.Typed note signed, dated 6th May 1960 on Feliks Topolski-imprinted thin cardstock (somewhat crudely trimmed to shape; light gray one side, bluish-purple back). "Dearest Cipe…wish we could meet soon; there were plans about my going to be a professor at Syracuse University, but somehow my initial enthusiasm for this has waned…." With a handwritten note below by Marion, Topolski's wife, inviting her to come stay with them in London. Approx. 7 ¾" x 10" size; old fold lines; light wear; in very good condition. TNS 25th May 1962, on Feliks Topolski colored notepaper. "Dearest Cipe The book is here and very successful and impressive it is. I feel honoured that I contributed to it. Thank you very much. (signed) love Feliks" discussing the memorial volume to Bill Golden to which many friends, artists, writers, designers, contributed. Approx. 5 ½" x 9" size; old fold line; in very good condition.TNS 3rd October 1963, on illustrated Topolski's Chronicle colored notepaper. "Dear Cipe…have just had an invitation from the Royal College of Art, so we will be there…(signed) yours ever Feliks & the rest" Approx. 5 ½" x 9" size; old fold line, little edgewear; in very good condition. Typed postcard signed, 1 June 1964. "Lovely, come along, we are almost sure to be in London on those days - and the last moment too, since the Nazi flag is disintegrating. (signed) Love Feliks" Approx. 4 ¼" x 6 ¼" size; a black and white & over-tinted with color illustrated Topolski artwork, "Workers' Styles" handprinted by Poets' and Painters' Press, from his Costumes of Britain in the Mid-XXth Century. Some edge, tips wear, wrinkling of edges; in good condition. Autograph postcard signed, undated, best wishes and "…look forward to seeing you all love Feliks" addressed to Mrs. Will Burtin, whom Cipe Pineles had married after the death of Bill Golden. Approx. 4 ¼" x 6 ¼" size; a black and white & over-tinted with color illustrated Topolski artwork, "West Indian Styles" handprinted by Poets' and Painters' Press, from his Costumes of Britain in the Mid-XXth Century. Some edge, tips wear, wrinkling of edges; in good condition. Printed materials, some with handwritten notations by Topolski or his staff: "English Writers: Topolski's Chronicle Nos. 22-24 (226-228) Vol. X 1962" (16) printed sides; approx.12" x 18" size, newspaper style format. "This issue is composed from a selection of drawings made while working on 20 paintings, containing 26 portraits of English Writers, now in possession of the University of Texas, U.S.A…." Printed black on tan paper; the issue split at middle along old fold line; paper darkened, edge-worn. Fair to good condition. "Venezia" Topolski scene, printed black on lavender-pink paper with blue over-wash. One panel on the reverse with printed "Greetings" message promoting the Topolski's Chronicle. 17 ½" 22 ½" approx. size; light wear, little darkening; old fold lines; in very good condition. Printed illustrated announcement of "Asia: The Arena" Topolski's Chronicle series, with a handwritten date of February 13, 1967 and personally inscribed by the manager of the Chronicle at the time, Stacy Ibbotsen(?). With (3) 4-panel sections and one 2-panel and one single-sheet for this series; all of these are printed both sides in black with occasional color emphasis, on heavy paper stock. These parts were meant to be assembled via glued strips on the edges of the panels; one of these (the single panel) with the glue strip still visible (chipped at bottom of the panel). The series darkened, edge, tips wear; in good condition. From the information in one of the advertisements for the 'Chronicle' included below, "…The enclosed panorama of China (nearly 36 feet long and covering exactly the usual printing area of 12 issues of the Chronicle) has to be gummed together to be completed. No doubt you will easily sort out the order of the 12 strips and the manner of concertina-like folding)…" Ours does not appear to be complete; It is unclear if the 'footage' is meant to be calculated by both sides or as a single side. Large printed illustrated announcement of publishing changes to Topolski's Chronicle series, having a handwritten note dated 18.9.67 from Joanna Spratley regarding new subscription information. Approx. 12 ½" x 20", opened; folio, one half the text; the other a lithographed color illustration; back of sheet blank. Thin, newsprint quality paper; edge-worn, darkening; in good condition. Printed illustrated announcement of the ending of this subscription to Topolski's Chronicle series. Poster of George Bernard Shaw, approx.. 24 ¼" x 40" size; printed black & colors lithographed by Crafton Galleries New York, signed in the plate by Topolski; attached via paper clip at top is the printed broadside announcement regarding the piece from Crafton, who were "…sending you specimens of our offset lithography from time to time - like this Topolski print…" with information below on how to subscribe to Topolski's Chronicle. Top margin right with chip-hole; closed edge-tear at top margin; neither of these come into the image itself. A little edge wear and darkening; in good condition. A photocopied obituary notice of Feliks Topolski's passing, "Anglo-Polish chronicler," uncredited: "…his fluent, vigorous and eclectic line did make him for a time one of the most truly popular artists working in post-war Britain…" with an attached sticky-note, the article sent by a friend to Cipe. Also a NY Times magazine full-page newspaper announcement of an exhibition of Topolski chronicle works at the Hallmark Gallery in NY, with a handwritten note regarding it. (with) A plain cardstock mailing folder, with the Topolski's Chronicle mailing label, sent to Mr. & Mrs. Will Burtin; with postal cancellations. Approx. 12" x 18 ½" size; some edgewear & ageing; in very good condition. Good Paperback (Item ID: 25007)


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