1947 Typed Letter Signed By Molly Pritt, Wife of Denis Nowell Pritt (1887 - 1972) British Lawyer and Political activist, Regarding Her Political Activities and Her Husband, for the Cause of Communism in the UK and the United States.
(Great Britain - 20th Century - Communism - Molly Pritt - Dennis Nowell Pritt)

USA: Not Published, 1947. F Typed letter signed, dated November 20, 1947 on 4, Essex Court, Temple, E.C. 4 imprinted letterhead, 1.5 pages, single-spaced; written to Cipe Pineles (1908 - 1991) award-winning Austrian-American graphic designer, the first woman director for many influential publications including Mademoiselle, Seventeen and Charm, on the Vogue London staff and also involved in socialist and communist activities in Europe and America. The first part of the letter details Molly Pritt's thanks for various articles of clothing sent to her by Pineles and others, due to the shortages in post-war Britain. Especially "…the problem of shoes for women and growing children…which were such a comfort to me in Russia, and indeed here…" She writes of her husband N.P. Pritt's trip to the U.S. and the kindness of Pineles and her husband during his tour. She looks forward to accompanying him on a return journey and "…I believe I could be very useful….During the war, when I was vice chairman under the Dean of The Joint Committee for Soviet Aid I addressed literally thousands of meetings in all parts of the country…in huge ordnance factories, town halls, womens organisations, and so on, and even at a big boxing match 7000 people in the Albert Hall here! So I am quite an expert with all types of audiences. I am still at it of course, since my visit to the Soviet Union last year, when I received the decoration given me by the Supreme Soviet for my work…I find audiences now rather like they were at the beginning of the war…anxious for news of Russia…anxious to have their fears dispelled…fear inculcated by the press of course…Robin Page Arnot [(1890-1986) British political activist and historian, foundation member of the CP Great Britain)] came to lunch yesterday...Now I must go out into the dark, to tackle a housing problem of some of my husbands constituents…They each came to ask my husbands advice about it…and he suggested I should go and inspect and see if I could offer any solution…what a job!! However, along I'll go…avoiding the awful drifting crowds who are up from the provinces for the wedding. It is cold…it is foggy…it is damp… but still they find the streets more comfortable then their homes. It would seem….(signed) Molly Pritt" Approx. 8" x 10" size; light wear, old fold lines, in very good condition; (With) a plain, typed one-side cardstock 'ticket' for the Guest of Rt. Hon. D. N. Pritt Section B Row 1 Seat 3 to the "American Soviet Friendship Rally" at St. Nicholas Arena, Sunday, November 9, 1947…UOPWA Richard Morford, Executive Director National Council of American-Soviet Friendship. Approx. 3" x 5" size; light wear; very good condition. Denis Nowell Pritt, (1887-1972) British lawyer and political activist "…one of Britain's sturdiest fellow-travellers… Pritt's legal talents were rapidly harnessed for a variety of progressive causes… if incorrigible as a Stalinist, he should be remembered too for diverting his career from more lucrative legal pastures to a mostly exemplary body of work for the labour and anti-colonial movements. If his plaudits from the people's democracies were fulsome, he also knew the less pleasant experience of professional and social ostracism at home. His wife, less political than her husband, apparently found their moments of isolation especially trying..." (Kevin Morgan in the ODNB) Pritt's wife, Marie Frances (Mollie) Gough (1895-1999) whose influence and impact is minimized in the biographies and relegated to a supportive role to her husband's activities, was much more significantly involved, as this letter proves. Her activities were certainly as dedicated to their cause as her more famously-documented husband. Very Good Paperback (Item ID: 25005)


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