Collection of Blueprints for Protocols and Methods of Operation for the Williamsburgh Power Plant, IRT Subway Station Power Plants, Titled "Instructions High Pot. Testing of Cables HPC -23"
(Americana - 20th Century - New York City - Transportation History - Subways)

New York City, New York: Various, F Documents include: 1948 Board of Transportation Power Dept. - Cable Section Test Schedule and Index, (2) folding plates, 1946 revising the 1925, revising 1915 instructions for the Williamsburgh Power Plant Corporation (4) text pages for the testing of High Tension Cables in Case of Trouble or Indications of Trouble; 1924 Wiring Diagram H.T. Test Set; 1924 Interborough Rapid Transit Co. Motive Power Dept. H.T. Testing Station wiring diagram 59th St. Power Station folding plate; 1919 IRT Feeder Oil Switch Gallery H.T. Testing Station wiring diagram 74th St. P.H. folding plate; 1925 General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY (11) text pages, Instruction Book # 860 68 Kenotron Cable Testing Set…; 1925 Williamsburgh Power Plant Corp. Calibration curve for 37.5 mm sphere gap calculated values one sphere grounded chart;1924 WPP Corp. Connection Diagram of Meter Rectifier for 100,000 volt current…(2) pages;1925 WPP Corp. Outline of D.C. Cable Testing Set (1 page) (with) a large folding plate schematic of the Set; 1927 General Electric Co. Pittsfield, Mass. (9) pages Instruction Book # GEI -541 Kenotron Cable Testing Set…customer Interborough Rapid Transit Company with folding plate of the connection diagram schematic, also 100,000 V DC & (6) pages of additional wiring schematics with a folding plate black and white layout drawing of the equipment on photographic paper; 1941 General Order # 404 Routine Kenotron Test of High Tension A.C. Feeders (3) pages; 1927 General Electric Co. Schenectady NY (7 + 1) pages & 4 pages of diagrams, Instructions GEI -1723 Kenotron Cable Testing Set Rated for New York Rapid Transit Co.; 1916 Transit Development Company Electrical Department…Insulation Test on Underground D.C. Feeder Cables (4) mimeograph pages (with) a diagram page for the Amertran DC Feeder; with an (Undated) General Electric Co. Schenectady NY (27) mimeograph pages, Direct Current Cable and insulation Testing (Thyratron) Set for the Board of Transportation City of NY (with) Board of Transportation Power Div. (10) + (3) copy paper pages regarding Cable Fault Localization with Thyratron Set + 11-panel folding plate elementary diagram high pot. test truck; The group mostly in blueprints; 9" x 11 1/2" approx. size; bound in plain light gray stiff paper, inked black title lettering; brass post & wing bound; binding soiled, darkened, some wear; some of the blueprints rubbed; in good condition and interesting New York City transportation system electrical engineering ephemera. Good Paperback (Item ID: 24033)


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