Circa 1935 - 1965 Collection of Dramatic Works, Research and Ephemera of Playwright Roberta D. Hadley of New York
(Americana - 20th Century - New York Theater History - Dramatic Writing - Roberta D. Hadley)

New York, USA: Not Published, 1935. F Several hundred pages of typed dramatic works, research materials and ephemera including: 1930s School Dramatic Works: 1937 "A Miracle Play" (Christmas, nativity theme) 21 pages; 1939 "Women of Tayhol" takes place on the island of Formosa, village conflicts & religious beliefs 28 pages, with a few copies & revisions; Circa 1930s "The Disgrace of His Tribe" concerning early tribal beliefs, sacrifice, 8 pages; C. 1930s "The Monks" story of intrigue & drama in an old monastery abbey, 9 pages. Drama: 1942 "The Princess's Girdle" 23 pages, with rejection letter from the Columba Broadcast System signed by Gwen Jones and a clipping regarding Air Service requests for radio script plays, for which this had been submitted for consideration; 1953 "A Vision for Sennu" copyrighted version, 95 pages a story regarding the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton, 'the heretic king', Nefertiti and his religious beliefs and a humble glass-blower, with an earlier version called "Amarna," the copyright registrations for them and various letters concerning attempts to produce the play or parts of it and the author's extensive research materials concerning Egypt, religion, customs and social life and revisions of the work-in-progress; Circa 1950s "Winter Wheat" suburban Connecticut interpersonal conflicts, 89 pages; Circa WWII "The Conqueror has no Nerves" 24 page play set in France, German occupation; Circa 1950 "A Real Performance" 20 pgs, play takes place "…in the living room of a deserted house on Long Island"; "In a Medieval Garden" (renamed in MS as "Love is Not Blind") a lady & troubadour tale, 12 pages; 1951 "Corporal Lonelyhearts" 6 pages, with a letter of thanks from the Dept. of the Army, looking forward to using the piece and a letter from a friend regarding it's revision & expansion; "Here is Your Engine" a WAC-inspired short piece of 4 pages; Circa 1950 "The Divider" 105 pages, a summer-seaside resort piece, with several letters concerning attempts to have it produced in various theaters and with the copyright certificates of registration; Humor: 1949 "Family Brevities" approx.. 2 pages; Circa 1950s "Family Dinner Talk" of the Hadleys, "…which can be heard any night…" parts I & II, 7 pages; 1953 "Oyez! Oyez! It is hereby decreed by the Shiftless Boarder…" handwritten 'scroll' dinner invitation to the Hadley sisters by Disbrow Hadley to the Peachtree Restaurant NY; 1983 "The Real America" telling funny incidents in the lives of the 2 (now elderly) Hadley sisters in Hampton Bays, NY, 4 pages; "Closing the House for Winter" A few helpful hints 3 pages, humorous summer-house anecdotes; "The Bank of the Future" 5 pages, a play regarding a bank which won't take deposits and insists on giving away unwanted merchandise; Circa 1950s "Christmas Breakfast at the Hadleys" 4 pages, in 'scroll' form, decorated with colorful holiday stickers and filled with the wryly-presented anecdotes & antics of merrymaking Hadley family members; Reviews, clippings, ephemera: 1951 Certificate of Registration with the U.S. copyright office for the play "The Patchwork Heart"; 1952 The Dramatists' Forum Workshop Presents Roberta Hadley's new play "The Patchwork Heart" single-sheet flyers for the show at the Amato Opera Theatre on Bleecker St., one of these flyers with invitation & news clipping attached and in an envelope and also flyer-programs for the same play being presented by the Company of the Four Seasons at the McBurney "Y"; also 2 TLS on the New Dramatists Committee Incorporated letterhead concerning the play; two 1953 typed letters signed by Margaret Halliwell on Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation letterhead, concerning "Patchwork" - one review states it is "…a rather sweet play about an egocentric actor who cannot believe that his former wife will go through with her proposed marriage to a gentleman agronomist when he, the actor, is prepared to take her back…"; the 1953 Rules of the Second Annual Hilltop Theatre Playwriting Contest; a 1962 typed letter signed by Roberta Hadley & accepted and agreed by Ara Welles, for representing Hadley's interests for the play "Winter Wheat"; a card from a friend regarding "Sennu" with gossip concerning a possibly conflicting piece by another playwright and other information; 1963 "Spring in Manhattan" musical review program flyer of 15 pages, of a number of productions by Hadley and others to be held at the Unitarian Church of All Souls; National Script Service royalty statements & advertisements; also letters from the Blue Network, WNEW, Robert Whitehead Productions, American National Theatre and Academy, NY Post and others; Roberta Disbrow Hadley 1919 - 2012 was a New York playwright, part of the Dramatists' Forum, the group of dramatic authors who would "…convene one night a week to put their unproduced manuscripts through what they term the "acid test"…to read aloud and criticize works by member writers…" (from a 1949 NY Times review of the group included here). Ms. Hadley was indefatigable in her attempts to sell, promote and produce her works, shown by the evidence here. Her love for theater and theatrical fun extended into her retirement years, with her humorous short pieces and family stories. An interesting theatrical group and also telling something of the struggles of a writer to have work recognized. Condition: some darkening to leaves, occasional wear and tear; in very good condition. Very Good Paperback (Item ID: 23889)


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