Album of Manuscript Memorabilia and Letters from the International Four-H Club Exchange Program
(Four-H Club)

Apparently a scrap or memory album put together by the participants in this international program for the benefit and memory, a heart-felt tribute for the efforts of their teacher Martha Leighton, who was the guiding force for these people in the IFYE program, which was the pioneering international 4-H effort-she was the faculty advisor to the campus 4-H club at Cornell University; Rodney Sellen 1949 in Sweden with photographs of his family and a hay-loading scene: "...contributions that IFYE made to the maturing of my own philosophy of life...learning understanding was perhaps my greatest achievement. For example, understanding that a culture can "think" differently from other cultures in spite of the fact that customs and mores of opportunities...a highlight in my life..."; Ruth Rose Many 1949 Norway large format raspberry picking scene at the Klones Agricultural School in Gudbrandsal and shot of a fishing village on fjord, a two page handwritten letter: "...My friends made there are lifelong...These people and friends are priceless and how can we help but pass our impressions on to our children who will be members in a future people-to-people program?..."; 1950 John B. Guertze, dairy farmer, went to Germany: "...guidance has helped me to be a better speaker, leader and person...Your work with the numerous IFYE's has certainly made this cruel world a beter place for us to live in..."; Bruce Ketch 1952 New Zealand (portrait photo only); Robert Peck 1952 Greece two handwritten pages, two photographs, "...How could I learn the feelings and thoughts of people in other countries better than to walk this way, seeing as they saw!...A new interest in community and world affairs creates a desire to see and learn more about our country..."; 1952 Jean Smith Boor in Israel, photos of her in Kibbutz Mash'abim Negev Mending Clothes and darning socks and of her husband on marriage-typed letter, "...What started as an exchange of homes and ideas has now grown into a way of life, of thinking, and perspective...has widened my interests in world affairs, in countries, languages, and even more important in the family and the individual..."; John Boor India in 1952, typed letter "...the opportunity and challenge of being an IFYE was a perfect way to become informed in a field where there was considerable misunderstanding..." with a couple of snapshots of same; typed letter signed on National Grange letterhead dated 1963 to Mrs. Lois W. Fish College of Home Economics Syracuse University discussing plans to honor Miss Leighton from Edwin C. Hadlock, Co-ordinator of the Grange Guatemala Project at this time and evidently one of Leighton's sponsees; 1953 Robert Mason in Chile, with four photographs of him, a handwritten letter and several pages of newspaper clippings regarding this program and his involvement tipped-on to letter sheets, "...from shearing sheep in Tierra del Fuego, Chile to catching a train for a remote village in southern Mexico or from planning my farm business to sharing my travel experience with various groups - you had a part!..."; 1954 Australia Dorothy Dean Wiant photo of her in the kitch of an Iban Tribal Chief in Borneo, two pages of handwritten letter, "...reason over and over again to be most grateful for that opportunity. Many of the families in whose homes I stated in Australia have remained among my best friends..."; 1954 Martha Kohl Schrader, in the Netherlands, with photos of children and IFYE family members, handwritten letter, "...the international aspects of the IFYE program are cerainly most important, but the need to live with and understand our neighbors much closer is part of the IFYE growth also..."; 1955 New Zealand Charles Carlson, with family photos, newspaper clipping, 2 pages handwritten note-"...Hardle a day passes without a thought of something I saw or experienced in new Zealand...helped me to be amuch better husband, father and citizen of my country..."; 1956 Gus Marvin to Guatemala 3 typed pages and a press announcement (all very darkened, on IFYE letterhead) praising Miss Leighton's teachings; 1956 Margaret Reed in Turkey, portrait photo, typed letter, "...gave me a chance to live with people who have different ideas, different goals and an outlook on living different from mine...can only hope to seek an appreciation of such differences..."; Ruth Morse Harris in Australia 1956, two photos, short typed letter "...learned was that experiences with people that are not always the easiest at the time, were the kind that made me grow the most as a person..."; 1958 Panama Marjorie Dunn, group of snapshots, pages of letters, "...a two way living experience of sharing, learning and believing among people's of the world..."; 1958 Chile with Mary Lou Morgan Mueller, handwritten letter, portrait photo, "...full meaning and rewarding..."; also 1958 Paul Wiley in Peru, 1959 Beth Egan in France, 1959 Bruce Keeney in the Dominican Republic, 1960 Patt Smith in Luxembourg, 1961 Costa Rica with Eveyln Minikime Brasted, 1962 Iran with Gordon Peck, 1962 Israel with Linda Giles, all with their contributions and photographs, letters; with a loose group of photographs and notes; some photos detached from their mounting; all contained in an album, lacks front cover; very good condition and an interesting glimpse of how the Four-H IFYE international program worked for these people, interesting rganizational ephemeral items. Very Good H (Item ID: 17143)


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