Item #22729 2002 - 2005 Group of Research Papers & Reports Concerning the United Nations Development Programme in The Gambia. Africa - United Nations - Gambia.

2002 - 2005 Group of Research Papers & Reports Concerning the United Nations Development Programme in The Gambia

Republic of the Gambia: United Nations Development Programme, 2002. F. Group of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) materials includes: 1) September 2002 Second Draft The Government's Implementation of the Governance Programme and UNDP Support in The Gambia; A Consultant's Report Prepared by Prof. Haroub Othman Inst. of Development Studies Univ. of Dar es Salaam Tanzania; v + 68 pages, printed one side only; contents including political and constitutional history, Independence & First Republic, changes of 1994, Second Republic and details concerning good governance - civic education, justice, legislative bodies, ombudsman, army & security forces, education, political parties, tentative work plan; with a few corrections and crossings-out in the text, evidently a work-in-progress; a sticky note on cover states "To - R.R. Prof. Othman will finalize the report upon receipt of our final comments..." spiral bound with clear plastic cover, light wear, in very good condition; 2) UNDP Working Paper Reflections on UNDP-Funded Projects in The Gambia: 2002-2003; Banjul, The Gambia April 2003; 25 pages; glossy magazine format; color illustrations; topics inlcuding reports on fighting against social and economic exclusion, UN volunteers in decentralisation and poverty reduction, youth employment for environmental rehabilitation, partnership to control and prevent HIV/AIDS, sustaining livelihoods in rural areas, more; with reference page; with preface and summary by John O. Kokonge UNDP resident representative & coordinator of the UN system; front cover photographs Manneh Kunda Kambeng Kafoo; Pupils of St. Theresa's Junior Secondary School with the President of the UN General Assembly; light wear; in very good condition; 3) Office of the United Nations ' Resident Co-Ordinator in The Gambia Synthesis of The Gambia - UN Country Team Development Forum 2003 Volume II March 2004; 30 pages; contents include: key issues for Gambia; volunteering in sustainable development; ownership in sustainable development; role of culture; with conclusions and recommendations, list of contributors, printed at UN House 5 Kofi Annan Street, Cape Point Banjul; light wear; in very good condition; 4) Deepening our Partnerships: Reflections on UNDP - Funded Projects in The Gambia Volume II UNDP Working Paper Banjul, The Gambia, September 2004; 23 pages; color-illustrated magazine format; with preface and summary by John O. Kokonge; contents including national governance programme, economic management, HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, emergency procedures; policy and private sector development, gender equality, more; front cover illustration of UN Volunteer Mrs. Rose Clair-Charles, and others at the Santa Yalla Support Society's Open Day; light wear; in very good condition; 5) The Gambia 2004 Seventh Round Table Conference Accelerating Implementation of The Gambia's PSRP Discussion Document [draft: 8 Sep. 04] Brussels 2 November 2004; v + 29 pages; printed one side only; with charts and graphs illustrating various aspects of the discussions at the conference, including improving the enabling policy environment to promote economic growth and poverty reduction, enhancing productive capacity and social protection of the poor and vulnerable; improving the coverage of unmet basic needs of the poor; building the capacity for local, people-centered development through decentralization; mainstreaming gender equity, environmental issues, nutrition, governance and HIV/AIDS awareness into all development programmes; with reference documents, PRSP Policy and Implementation Matrix; spiral bound with clear plastic cover, light wear, in very good condition; 6) Republic of The Gambia the Gambia 2005 Seventh Round Table conference The Impact Assessment of the Growing Public Domestic Debt on the Gambian Economy Discussion Paper ; Sahel Invest Management Int. Bakau Newtown - Client UNDP Bakau March 2005; illustrated with economic graphs and charts illuminating the discussion; contents including macroeconomic performance during the period 1993 - 2003, factors underlying the growth of the public domestic debt; composition of the debt stock by instrument type and holder; sustainability ratios; impact of domestic debt & debt service on overall macroeconomic management; debt restructuring and reduction; reorganization and strengthening of the institutional framework, for public domestic debt management; conclusions and recommendations; terms of reference & documents; spiral bound with clear plastic cover, light wear, in very good condition (2 copies); all of these in very good condition and of interest for the economic and social, political history of The Gambia at the time. Item #22729

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