1921 - 1962 Collection of Correspondence of El Paso Texas Educator & Author Dr. Lucinda De Leftwich Templin, Including Material Concerning Her War Museum and the Establishment of Radford School for Girls. 20th Century Womens Education History.

1921 - 1962 Collection of Correspondence of El Paso Texas Educator & Author Dr. Lucinda De Leftwich Templin, Including Material Concerning Her War Museum and the Establishment of Radford School for Girls

El Paso Texas: Not Published, 1921. F. The collection includes over 150 dated and signed letters written to (and a few items from) Dr. Lucinda DeLeftwich Templin (1888-1969) author, historian & collector, "...one of El Paso's best-loved and most distinguished educators - in 1916 she took her undergraduate and Master's at U. of Missouri and became Dean of Lindenwood College in St. Charles, MO., did doctoral work at Harvard and Columbia and took over as principal at the Radford School in 1927 (at the time, called El Paso School for Girls); Dr. Templin interested Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Radford of Webster Grove, Mo., in the school and the Radfords paid off the mortgage, provided an endowment fund that insured the institution's stability and the name of the school was changed in honor of these benefactors. During Dr. Templin's administration, Radford School grew to a nationally accredited school for girls in the Southwest and when she retired in 1967, the 22-acre campus had more than $1,000,000 in physical improvements and was debt-free. Dr. Templin had also completed plans for construction of a $400,000 library and museum on property owned by the school; she was a member of the nation's leading educational organizations and honorary societies, named consistently to Who's Who in America and Who's Who in American Education; author of numerous publications, most of which were concerned with the field of education. (The above material from her obituary); This wide-ranging, diverse collection has three intertwining themes - letters concerning Dr. Templin's ongoing interest in education and educational materials for her school, letters which relate to the business and academic part of Radford and letters of reference for applicants and correspondence which relates to the creation of her War Museum, where she collected military autographs, uniforms, photographs, paraphernalia, weapons from around the world. A sampling of what is found here, chronological order: 1921 Dr. James G. Kiernan, writing about some autographs he was sending to Templin - he was famous for the earliest-known use of the word heterosexual in the United States; 1921 Ellen Shaw Barlow writing in relation to the national Committee on Prisons and Prison Labor, requesting Templin's presence for a meeting of the Committee on the Care and Training of Delinquent Women and Girls; 1926 Roy Franklin Nichols (1896-1973) American historian and a Pulitzer Prize winner, writing regarding one of Templins' publications; 1928 Breckinridge Long (1881 - 1958) diplomat and politician served in the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on Democratic National Committee letterhead - regarding a portrait of Rev. John Breckinridge (his great-grandfather) Templin was sending in appreciation of his "…defense of Religious Freedom…"; Federico de Onis Sánchez (1885 - 1966 ) Spanish writer and literary critic, taught Spanish literature at Columbia University in New York concerning a recommendation of one of his students for a position at Radford ; educator John L. Bergstresser; Jessie H. Humphries Associate Dean Texas Womens University; Butler Ames (1871-1954) American politician, engineer, soldier and businessman; Richard Fenner Burges (1873-1945) Texas legislator and conservationist; Alice Mildred Burgess; William Blair Roberts (1881-1964) Episcopal Suffragan Bishop South Dakota; Katharine Denworth, president of Bradford Academy, regarding an article on sororities in colleges; N. Floyd Templin of the Ohio House of Representatives writing on Templin family genealogical matters; John G. Barry, consulting mining geologist and engineer of El Paso, regarding an educational alliance between the Radford School and the Texas College of Mines; Arthur L Burroughs, publisher, writing about the subject of grammar in education; Harriet M. Chase of the National Education Assoc.; Jack Braveheart, regarding a talk on the American Indian; Ivan Lee Holt, Methodist bishop of St. Louis; Cornelia McKinne Stanwood of the Sarah Dix Hamlin School San Francisco; Joseph Dorfman, economic historian at Columbia Univ., asking Templin about her studies with Thorstein Veblen; an interesting 2-page letter from Dr. J. Travis Bennett of El Paso, regarding the setting-out of a chart for the physical examination and reportage on condition of applicants to Radford, with suggestions; Bertha Baur (1858-1940) directed the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; A.F. Kuhlman, Assoc. Dir., University of Chicago, regarding research work on childrens' reading habits, information; Dr. William S. Gray (1885-1960) American educator and literacy advocate, also of U. of Chicago on the same subject; Sallie Caldwell, Teachers College Columbia University, regarding early learning & English curriculum materials; Mrs. Florence F. Osgood of the Neshobe camp for girls in Vermont requesting an alliance with Radford School; U.S. Army major (later colonel) Livingston Watrous; Colonel D.C. Pearson, New Mexico Military Institute; Ruth Elliott of Wellesley College; Chris P. Fox sheriff El Paso, regarding falling down on the job for police protection near the school; Brent N. Rickard American Smelting & Refining Works; Louise Traxell Greeley, Dean of Women at U. of Wisconsin Madison; Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Aleshire Fort Bliss Texas; Mrs. L.J. Calvocoressi, Chairman of the Women's Auxiliary of the Greek War Relief Assoc.; Lt. Col. (later major-general) Ray. T. Maddocks; , Robert E. McKee, Sr. (1889-1964), major U.S. contractor, engineer, builder; Columbia Broadcasting System program press information director George Crandall; Colonel (later Brig. General) Charles G. Sage; Elmer Davis (1890 1958) news reporter, author, the Director of the United States Office of War Information during World War II and a Peabody Award recipient; William McChesney Martin, Jr. (1906-1998) ninth and longest-serving Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, serving from April 2, 1951 to January 31, 1970 under five Presidents; Bernard Hoffman (1913 - 1979) American LIFE magazine photographer and documentary photographer, first American photographer on the ground at Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945; Alfred E. Stearns, Chairman Overseas Schools Committee; Colonel Hugh J. Deeney, Chief of the Adjutant General Division; Col Harold R. Turner, first commander of White Sands Missile Proving Ground; Guy Sylvestre (Jean-Guy Sylvestre), OC, FRSC (1918 -2010) Canadian literary critic, librarian and civil servant; Rear Admiral Barry Kennedy Atkins (1911 -2005) officer of the United States Navy best known for his achievements as a destroyer captain in World War II; R. Burdell Bixby, prominent Republican of NY State; Robert W. Hamilton, justice of the Texas Supreme Court, regarding a Radford school girl reference; Colombian world federalist Santiago Gutiérrez; M.S. Sundaram Head of Education, Indian embassy; Raymond L. Telles, Jr. (b. 1915) was the first Mexican-American Mayor of a major American city, El Paso, Texas (3 letters); Ángela Acuña de Chacón, Chilean who served as commissioner 1960-1972 on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; William G. Stark, Consul General of Canada; Rene Mascarenas Miranda, Municipal President (mayor) of Juarez; Gordon Llewellyn Allott (1907-1989) Republican politician; Mrs. William Barclay Parsons, president of the National Council of Women of the United States; John Koehler Gerhart (1907 - 1981) United States Air Force four star general; J. T. Rutherford (1921 - 2006) United States Representative from Texas; R. G. Follis, Chairman of Board. Standard Oil Company of California; Robert John Morris (1914-1996) President of the University of Dallas, American anti-Communist activist (2 notes); Karl Robin Bendetsen (1907 -1989 remembered primarily for his role as architect of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II; Elmer Ellis (1901 - 1989) American educator and fourteenth president of the University of Missouri; historian C.L. Sonnichsen; Marshall S. Carter, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (CIA); Millicent C. McIntosh 1898-2001, fourth dean of Barnard College (1947-1952) and the College's first president - this is the last letter, dated 1962 and in it, Dr. Templin is asking for McIntosh to help with providing a successor to the headship at Radford - Templin was soon to retire and died relatively soon afterwards. Some of the letters and notes are very short, with limited content; others more voluminous.Additional materials include: letters to another Templin family member from Scott Wike Lucas (1892 - 1968) two-term Democratic United States Senator (1939-1951) from Illinois and Joel Bennett Clark (1890 -1954), better known as Bennett Champ Clark, Democratic United States Senator from Missouri from 1933 until 1945, later a United States federal judge; and a few other letters; an undated letter to Templin from pianist Ola Gulledge; a two -page undated letter on The American School Foundation Mexico letterhead; a few letters from Frank S. Ross, Major Gen. U.S. Army regarding the Templin War Museum project; a clipped signature of Alvan Tufts Fuller (1878 -1958) and one of John Kieran; and a unidentified sepia-tone matte-finish photograph circa 1920s that may be Dr. Templin or perhaps a friend; a few of the items with the original mailing envelopes; many letters with old adhesive residue from being mounted at some time, some with old tape marks in the corners, some of the items trimmed as if to accommodate in a smaller frame or album (not here); old fold lines, ageing; some with corner-attrition due to being removed; in overall good to very good condition and an interesting group of material encompassing the rich educational, business and personal life of this well-known Texas woman educator, whose contacts spanned the United States and the world. Item #21397

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