Journal Officiel De La Republique Francais Lundi 24 Avril 1871. Commune De Paris.

Journal Officiel De La Republique Francais Lundi 24 Avril 1871

Paris France: Journal Officiel, 1871. Newsheet No. 114, newspaper format, printed two sides; French and especially Paris news, with reportage on the international scene as well, during this short-lived (March 18-May 28 1871) very politically and historically influential period in France; noticing various decrees, bailiffs appointed notaries, practical concerns regarding the running of Paris, as in ambulance services, notice on the sale of postage stamps; military reports on the fighting with Versailles (where the Thiers government resided and was attempting and eventually succeeded to dislodge the 'communards' from their Parisian neighborhood strongholds); obituary, court-martial review, concerning the 105th battalion, with details of the 'interrogation' of participants; also with a with a long piece, "Tradition Unitaire" by Louis-Xavier de Ricard (1843-1911) French poet, author and journalist; the international section recounting great unrest across Europe and noting the looting and destruction of the Jewish businesses & neighborhood in Odessa Russia; the historical event, the culture and most especially the government of the Paris Commune has long been studied and upheld as an example of the 'dictatorship of the proletariat' by Marx, Engels, Mao Zedong and many other leftist writers, philosophers and leaders - anarchists, socialists, Marxists all have found qualities in this event to emulate, study and extoll to this day; one of the most interesting aspects of the paper is that even though this was a time of great turmoil and violence, the quality of the writing and reportage, and even the printing of the news indicates that there was a sense of calm purposefulness as well, giving credit to the communard movement's ability to keep the wheels of commerce and society moving - this even while "...Versailles bombs relentlessly pursue the course of their exploits against the lives and property of the harmless inhabitants of Neuilly, Enders Terms, De Clichy, Levallois and other places..." (translated); there are also a few advertisements for books and reviews; approximately 25" x 18" size; some light edgewear; old fold line; well-printed on good quality paper stock; in very good condition. Item #21100

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