2 Typed Manuscripts By Himilce Novas. Himilce Novas.

2 Typed Manuscripts By Himilce Novas

Two typed manuscripts: "Chien Shiung Wu: The Woman Who Gave Us a Left-Handed God" by Himilce Novas to which the author has added a "Note to the editor: This chapter is based on research and a personal interview with Dr. Wu on December 4, 1972. H.N."; the first page indicates this chapter as the last part of a larger work, "Women of Science Who Changed Your Views" and which included material on Jocelyn Crane, Marie Curie, Adelle Davis, Margaret Mead, Helen Sawyer Hogg, Dorothea Rudnick - on the next page, Novas outlined her "Proposal" for the book, which was to be "Approx. 50,000 words, plus illustrations"; this is apparently a 'working' copy or draft copy of part of the larger work to give an example of the type of material to be included in the book, typed one side, all in capitals and with a few small corrections in manuscript and also some which had been carried forward, copied from earlier versions; the proposal states that "...There are several innovative approches(sic) to this book. For one, it won't deal simply with women who happened to have been scientists, rather, it will deal with women scientists who have changed your views..." and illustrates how she will do the research as much as possible from first hand materials, giving as an example (the addition to the list of names of) Dr. Karen Horney German psychoanalyst and psychiatrist; the four pages of introduction and proposal are followed by the 13 pages of a chapter on Dr. Wu, with much biographical information on her subject; photo xeroxed and pages loosely-held together with a paper clip, and "A House on a Beach", 8 pages, typed one side, seemingly a carbon copy of a the typed original, no corrections or additions - a short essay regarding the author's early years living in her grandmother's house on the beach and the effect of nature and place on her, poetically and well described and felt; stapled top left corner; our preliminary research indicate that neither of these items were published, at least not in this form; both pieces probably sent to a publisher for consideration; some wear and soiling, aging to paper; good condition; two pieces of work from Himilce Novas (B. 1944) Havana Cuba born novelist, historian, journalist and human rights activist, one of the founding members of the National Organization for Women and is referenced in Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975 (2006), her creative and activist work is of great variety and multicultural in approach. Item #20674

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