Circa 1950 Food Fair Game: Play Store 3-Dimensional Children's Toy

A "...Life-Like Play Store...The Play Store Game is just like running a real store..."; a large and colorful 3-dimensional 'store', with four walls, printed inside and out and with cut-out windows and working set of doors, opens to approximately 2 feet x 2 feet square and with 12" wall height; with locking slots for the walls for rigidity; with grocery products on a punch-out card, using actual brand names: Libby, Gaines, Birds Eye, La France, Swift's Premium, Brach's, Maxwell House, Kraft, GE, Barnum's Animals Animal Crackers, French's Bird Seed, Jell-O, more, about 50 pieces still on their card mount and about 10 loose product 'cards' already punched-out; with a group of play 'money' in bills and coins, on their original uncut strips; A 'Store Manager' button; also including 5 triangular standing cardstock displays for the 'store' include a check-out counter and in-store display shelves for Nabisco Fig Newtons & Ritz Crackers, GE light bulbs, Brach's candies, others; a store 'floor' printed newstock paper made to look like linoleum; all this came in a brown printed paper sleeve or bag, which gives 'store game' directions and contents; some 'coupons' are mentioned on the package, not present, they were to be used for store purchases and refunds, presumably is what occurred and they are gone; date on money pen-coupon cutout states 1952 as closing date for use; some light edge, tips wear to pieces, a few inner archival tissue repairs to stand bases; cover bag is worn & with a few closed tears; 'flooring' is complete and very fragile, with closed tear splitting the sides and edges, browned; all card pieces are on heavy stock, colors bright and very good; an interesting, colorful display, teaching children to "...have fun playing store and learning about stores and that when you go with your mother to her big grocery store...look for your products...the ones that are shown in your grocery store...and ask the big grocery man where he keeps them...The "Play Store" is really like a big store". The Food Fair chain of grocery stores was located in New York in the 1950s; there were also other Food Fair-named supermarkets and groceries in Detroit, Michigan and there are stores with this name currently; an interesting display, evoking the consumer ethos of the 1950s and the enthusiasm of post-World War II shopping, with products and availability in local stores like this one. Item #17355

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