Item #028488 Moshe Dayan Letter The Prime Minister Jerusalem 10 July 1955. Israel - History - Moshe Dayan.

Moshe Dayan Letter The Prime Minister Jerusalem 10 July 1955

Jerusalem Israel: No Publisher Noted, 1955. Manuscript. Not Bound. Very Good. Item #028488

A typed letter, dated Jerusalem 10 July 1955 addressed to Abraham Tulin of New York. "Dear Abe, Thank you for your letter of 22 June with its enclosures. You have done a real mitzva by sending me your review of Lippmann's book. I have gulped it down thirstily during a brief Sabbath respite between two furious spells of the election campaign. The trouble is that since I became what I now am, I have practically stopped doing any general reading because of sheer physical lack of time. As I cannot consume books in bulk, their compressed substance is to me invaluable. Your review is, indeed, a marvel of compression - judicious and incisive. As I rush through the first three columns, I said to myself: "Walter Lippmann is inviting democratic civilisation to jump from the frying-pan of tribulation right into the fire of destruction," and felt intellectually terribly depressed. And then, on reaching your searching criticism in the fourth column, I found you suggesting exactly the same thought - so concisely and constructively - and have regained my self-confidence. These two sharp swings of the pendulum within a matter of a few minutes were quite an experience. Please accept my deep gratitude for having thought of me. Zipporah joins me in sending our most affectionate greetings to you and Anna. We shall be looking forward to seeing you on your next visit. Yours ever, Moshe" Letter approx. 8 1/2" x 11" size; accomplished on good quality paper, indecipherable watermark; slight wear, old fold lines; in very good condition.

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