The Hidden Hand or The Jewish Peril. A Journal to Advocate the Right of Britons to Possess and Rule Britain; to Stop Immigration of Undesirable Aliens and the Unemployment of Britons Caused Thereby; to Defeat Jew Domination...

London, England: The Britons, 1924. Periodical. Soft Cover. Good. Item #027251

(16) pages. This is issue No. 4 Vol. V April, 1924 of this monthly periodical, published by "The Britons - A Patriotic Society which has for its motto: "Britain for Britons..." Articles include a segment on Lord Byron and "The Protocols..."; the perversion of scientific findings by the Jews; the Jews in Poland -"...National opinion credits the Jews with the ruin of Polish finances and the depreciation of the Polish Mark, which renders normal business impossible..."; Part III of an article by George P. Mudge on racial 'mixing'; 'Bolshevist Art and Jew Art Control'; Chapter III of the Steps of the Jewish Conquest of England by Anglus; a group of quotations of Israel Zangwill, glossed & commented upon by The Britons; John Brown on the Protocols of Zion The Secret of What is Coming...; Notes from"L'Histoire Sociale de L'Eglise." by Monsigneur Umberto Benigni; also a list of publications promoted by the Society and pricing. The masthead page has a small rubber stamp at top: "Harvard College Library From the President's Office" and penciled beneath, the date of May16, 1924; to the right of the title is another small rubber stamp, "Sample." There are no other markings and no indications of the ultimate recipient. At the time, the Harvard University President was A. Lawrence Lowell (1856 - 1943) During his tenure, "...controversy was sparked by Lowell's attempt to reduce the number of Jewish students enrolling at Harvard. Lowell, who purported to be a thoroughgoing assimilationist, was especially alarmed by the rising percentage of Jewish students in the college. Although he contended that "excessive" numbers of Jews on campus would breed anti-Semitism, he failed to impose the kind of quota he thought desirable. The university's new commitment to a "national" student body, however, was aimed at broadening the demographic mix on campus, with the result that the number of Jewish students did decline. (Edward L. Lach, Jr. in the ANB ) Our research indicates that Lowell formed various committees to further his influence on the subject; the online wiki provides a fuller treatment than the ANB and gives further references to newspaper and scholarly articles, contemporary & modern. Approx. 8 1/4" x 11 7/8" size; paper self-wraps, printed title, stapled. Some edge, tips wear, corner -creasing & a little chipping to the edges of the cover sheets; old fold lines; in good condition.

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