1865 Manuscript Letter Post-Civil War Shipping Business - Cape Fear, Wilmington, Havana.

New York, N.Y. 1865. Manuscript. No Binding. Very Good. Item #027238

Handwritten 3-page letter. Dated New York Aug. 12 '65; to Capt. Clement Brown, Sch. J.L. Hess and signed by John Kermon (?) who appears to have had a controlling interest in this coasting schooner. Contents refer to ship's damage on Cape Fear, being the loss of a topsail due to headwind and the ship leaking badly. A discussion follows on the hopeful possibility of temporary repairs with hot tar application and if that proved good enough to sail, to find a contract for materials to carry. Also discussed are various current rates for lading; speculation on finding cargo with Mr. Biddeford in Wilmington; also the suggestion if "...you can carry bales without water..." to carry cotton to Havana, Cuba and with contact information & names; these are given with caution, as there seems to be some disquiet with the people on the receiving end - "...the counsel will help you if you have trouble be careful of him he may be a very good man, you find him out Coleman has sold out the canning house..."; Mr. K also expresses his regret at lack of ready money. Each page approx. 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" size, four sides; accomplished on medium-heavy lined paper, with a small 'Congress' embossment-mark. Splitting along old fold lines; some words are more phonetic than correctly spelled; the sense is clear. In good condition and with interesting content concerning the resumption-of-trade and difficulties of shipping and commerce after the Civil War.

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